Monday, July 30, 2012

Sugar Fairy Kei iPhone Cases

At first glance you'd think we only make yummy iPhone cases...but no, Kendallicious Kreations specializes in all things sweet lolita!
Visit our shoppe:

        Haha, I love how I say, "We" & "Our" when I blog about my jewelry, even though I'm a one-man-band, lol. I suppose I'm referring to the shoppe & I as more than one person, ha! Anyways, I whipped up some more whip~creamy sweet iPhone cases which I will add to the shoppe in a few. This batch features pink teddybear's, french cruller donuts, lavender heart shaped biscuits, & various hearts/pearls/marshmallow sticks. Puffy & pastel, you'll love carrying these statement cases around & spark surprising reactions from your friends♡.

If you would like to order a custom iPhone case or if you have a different type of phone & want a case to fit it, please fill out my "Custom Order" form & I will respond quickly with a quote & est. time of creating and delivery.

Thank you lolita's!



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